MCMS Manager can be used to manage Microsoft Content Management Server based web sites. It provides many tools to reduce the work of the administrators & developers. MCMS Manager and tools can be used to,

Even though the first version of MCMS Manager had very much limited features, with time and requests, it got evolved to the current stage. I'm sure that the current version of MCMS Manager can be used with almost any MCMS sites to manage them - and most importantly reduce the work of administrators, developers and users.

As before I'm very much looking for your feedbacks. Please post them in the forum or mail it to me.

More News

June 18, 2006
MCMS Manager 6.1 is released

December 27, 2005
MCMS Manager 6.0 is released

November 29, 2005

New template - by pogy366 is applied to the site, with a new logo - by my brother. Thanks to both!

November 23, 2005
MCMS Manager 5.3 is released

November 9, 2005

MCMS Manager 5.2 is released

October 24, 2005
MCMS Manager 5.1 is released

October 12, 2005
MCMS Manager 5.0 is released