MCMS Manager

A tool which can be used to do common tasks, which Microsoft Content Management Server API provides




MCMS Manager

Figure I


In Microsoft Content Management Server after the creation of the sites, to do modification to the postings there were no common way to do so - other than using web author. Mostly when something goes wrong with the site, it is not that easy to figure out what went wrong with neither Site Manager nor going through the site. This tool can be used with Site Manager to analyze MCMS sites without much effort.



Channel Browser


This is a tree view where all the channels are listed. Even though this tool is aimed on postings, few operations can be done for channels. Those are listed in Figure II.


Figure II



Posting Browser


Posting browser is the main part of MCMS Manager. Here few common properties of postings are listed to view those. MCMS Manager is made to work with Site Manager-Most of the things you can see and or do using MCMS Manager can't be easily done through Site Manager. Figure III shows the properties of postings which are listed in posting browser.


Figure III


Because MCMS Manager is mainly aimed on postings many tasks can be done with postings. They are listed in the context menu which comes when a posting is selected using right mouse button. It is listed in Figure IV.


Figure IV


Resource Gallery Browser


This is also a tree view which displays the resource structure. The functions provided with this are listed in Figure V.



Figure V


Resource Browser


Similar to posting browser resource browser can be used to browse through the resources. Given functionalities are listed in Figure VI & Figure VII.


Figure VI


Figure VII


Template Gallery Browser 


Template Gallery browser can be used to browse through the templates. For more information check Figure VIII.

Figure VIII


Templates Browser


This is to browse through all the templates and do some tasks on templates. Check Figure IX and Figure X.


Figure IX

Figure X


Notify Icon


As MCMS Manager is always a useful tool for administrators, it can be minimized to system tray. By that, you can reduce the initialization time as well. See Figure XI for what are the options you can get from the notify icon.


Figure XI