MCMS Manager 5.3

A tool which can be used to do common tasks, which Microsoft Content Management Server API provides



It is a good idea to use Converter - Statistics Generator - Log Viewer together to effectively get the result of given report related feature.




Reports can be generated using IIS log files. First of all IIS log files must be generated. If in the site logging is enabled, it will create log files. Normally IIS log files reside in <drive>:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\W3SVC1. But it can be changed in IIS Manager. Using Convertor (Figure I) IIS logs can be converted to MCMS related IIS files (this will change the posting name to Guid). Any number of IIS log files can be selected at once.


Figure I


Analyze IIS log file will take more time and memory. It is better to generate IIS-MCMS log files in normal mode.


Statistics Generator

Statistics can be generated in channel level. IIS-MCMS files are used to generate statistics. Figure II is an image of Statistics Generator


Figure II


Generated IIS-MCMS log files can be selected here and used to generate statistics. The statistics will have common properties of posting as well as statistics. To drill down more, a particular posting can be double clicked. Figure III.


Figure III


Generated MCMS logs can be saved for later use.


Log Viewer


MCMS log files can be viewed using this tool. The interface of this tool (Figure IV) is similar to Statistics Generator, but it can be only used to view saved reports.


Figure IV


Also log files can be exported to excel format so that it can be viewed in any place.